A Pocket Shitstorm

Last night was the culmination of two days of overwhelming temperatures. We had a mother of a t-storm… complete with hail and strong winds. But, oddly enough, it didn’t last long. It caused a lot of chaos.

I find this video so funny!

Enjoy! I know I did… I’m weird I know. lol

Sam out


I can’t wait to get my Vita. :-)

I am getting this at the end of the month. I went on Kijiji and I found this dude selling his Vita and an 8 gig memory card for $130. And he lives in Newmarket too! Near Microplay.

I have been on the lookout for one since stupid Justin Clements sold my other one on me. I bet Brandon was in on it too.

Also, at the end of May, Coll is buying me a panzo! Either from Pizzaville (1 800 Free Sex Free Sex. Or whatever) OR Econos. Econo’s panzos are big, at least that is what my sister says. I think we might order from Gino’s… bc they have good sized panzos.  And panzos are what I want every month. I just might get the large. I can eat it. Coll says that I have the stomach of a wrestler. LOL I wish I lived closer to Trenton bc they have a pizza joint called Goody’s Pizzeria… which apparently has a poutine panzerotti. (plug to a very good video)

I will stfu now, (lol)

Sam out



I have an Oasis song in my head but I forget the name of it, brb *goes to YT* Here. 🙂 I am good aren’t I? Yesh. I have the coolest e-mail methinks. I watch too much TWD. LOL sammithezombie@gmail.com. Zombies are the best. I am a strange person aren’t I? LOL

My sister is home. I hope she bought me something at Timmy’s in the form of a cold drink bc I am really hot. 😦

Guess who fixed her Sims 2 game? Yupp. No more pink and black flashes. Thank God. ❤

I need sleep.

Sam out